NBA Ref Scandal – Let’s Blame Tim Donaghy! Why? Read to know

The big news in the NBA is the revelation that one of the NBA’s referees, Tim Donaghy, has been gambling on games and allegedly has been making calls to affect the outcome of the game in his favor.

This is horrible news for the NBA. It’s already pretty clear that certain players get calls from the referee but now someone with ulterior motives is making calls too. The NBA could be in a lot of trouble with their fans as some may begin to suspect that the results they are seeing aren’t real.

Tim Donaghy deserves whatever punishment he gets but at the same time this Tim Donaghy stuff is getting a little bit out of hand. Since it was revealed that Tim Donaghy was betting on games, almost every fan, newspaper writer, talking head and cheerleader has been talking about how Tim Donaghy ruined a certain game.

Remember that game where there was a questionable foul at the end of the game? I bet Tim Donaghy was the referee. Remember that game where the Knicks had 30 fouls and the Pistons had 15? That had to be Tim Donaghy fixing the game. Remember the time that guy tried to do the trampoline dunk like the mascots and screwed up? Tim Donaghy totally fixed the trampoline.

The worst is that everyone is bringing up the Suns and Spurs series again. I still don’t know what Steve Nash did that made the entire NBA fan base decide to bend over and kiss his bottom but after Steve Nash and his Suns got dominated by the Spurs the fans are still mad two months later.

Tim Donaghy was the referee of game 3. That’s why the Suns lost! They got screwed! Give it up. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Phoenix Suns because they are the better team. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Phoenix Suns because they are the tougher team. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Phoenix Suns because Tim Duncan was the best player on the court. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Phoenix Suns because the Suns couldn’t guard Tony Parker if he had a blindfold on, one arm tied behind his back and his shoes tied together.

Tim Donaghy is a gambler, a cheat and I don’t care for the guy but he’s not an excuse for every outcome of every game. Pretty soon people will be claiming he had an affect on games he wasn’t even a part of or even sports he wasn’t a part of. Man those Cubs could’ve made the playoffs if it wasn’t for Tim Donaghy catching that foul ball. The Michigan Wolverines could’ve won that championship if Tim Donaghy didn’t call that timeout. Remember that time Mookie Wilson hit that ground ball that went through Tim Donaghy’s legs?

If everyone is outraged that Tim Donaghy would call a foul on somebody just because he needs them to score a few more points then why aren’t people outraged that some referees call fouls just because a certain player is a star or because a certain player is a veteran? Giving a foul to somebody that doesn’t deserve it because it will be calculated as the 먹튀검증 in the game which means the score does not count no matter whether its for the winning or losing team, or not giving a foul to somebody who does deserve it is cheating regardless of what the reason is.

Let’s not forget all Tim Donaghy has to do is beat the spread, he doesn’t have to have a certain team win. He could easily fix games without affecting the final outcome of the game. Does that make it all right? Of course not, but the point is not every game that Tim Donaghy officiated had a screwy ending. Not every team that won a Tim Donaghy game was handed a victory. After all Tim Donaghy fixed the 1985 NBA Draft so the New York Knicks would get Patrick Ewing but it never got them an NBA Championship.