Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino

River’s Casino, on Pittsburgh’s North Shore next to Heinz Field and PNC Park, is the newest addition to the downtown Pittsburgh skyline. The casino has everything from a huge parking lot, restaurants, slots, and table games. Here’s a complete review of this new casino by www.ufabet

Let’s start with the basics, parking. Currently, due to the casino being Pittsburgh’s newest attraction, parking is currently free unless there is an event that prompts the use of the lot for events other than casino use. Count on your parking fee is at least $25.

Your first time entering the River’s Casino, your senses are overwhelmed by the colors, lights, and sounds. Your eyes jump from slot to slot in this huge room holding over 3,000 machines. You are welcomed by a smiling staff member who checks your ID and stamps your hand. Due to the gambling age being 21 years old, the River’s Casino is very secure to ensure and randomly check that their customers are having a good time and that they are old enough to be there. The stamp or bracelet given to you upon verifying your age on arrival helps to quicken the process.

Among the 3,000 slot machines, the slots that tend to set off the most bells and whistles are the Wheel of Fortune slots, Sopranos, and Wizard of Oz slots. The River’s Casino offers penny, nickel, quarter, and dollar slots. Remember that even though it says one cent on top of the slot machine, you pay per line and it could end up really being five cents or more per spin.

Table games have just been introduced at the River’s Casino. I, personally, do not play the table games, but they do offer 86 table games such as craps, roulette, three card poker, blackjack, and mini-baccarat. The casino also has a 24 table room that is dedicated to the only poker.

I’m not a gambler at all. I tend to only bring $20 to the casino and once that is gone, I’m done. I have been to the River’s Casino twice. Once I left with $32 and the second time I lost all $20. My boyfriend walked away with $32 the first time and $140 the second time. All we played were slots and hovered around the penny, nickel, and quarter games.

River’s Casino offers the option to sign up for a River’s Edge Players Club card. It’s completely free to sign up for as long as you have a valid state-issued photo ID. The card is inserted in each slot you play and you instantly earn points that can lead up to free slot play, free monthly gifts, and free or discounted food offers.

When I first signed up for the Players Club card, I was asked to draw a card to win a prize. My card said “Man vs. Chicken.” On the other side of the casino floor, there was a booth set up where you played tic-tac-toe against a real, live chicken. If you won you received cash and extra gambling points on your Player’s Card. I unfortunately lost against the chicken and only won $25 extra playing money points as a prize for losing.

One aspect of the River’s Casino is that you don’t have to go far to find food. Five areas in the casino house dining options from quick and affordable to sit down and pricey.

The Wheelhouse Bar and Grill is River’s Casino’s newest high-tech sports bar that features happy hour days, draft special days, and you can’t forget the fifty-cent wings! Food prices range from $2 to $23 with choices such as chicken fingers, nachos, burgers, and full entrees like salmon and filet mignon.

Andrew’s Steak Seafood is the casino’s high-class steakhouse that features lobster tails, salmon, tuna, king crab, shrimp, crab, and steaks. This is one place I would love to try, but paying $55 for 12 oz of lobster is a bit steep for me. I’d love to hear anyone’s experiences!

The Grand View Buffet is an all-you-can-eat buffet that is right up my alley for lunch or dinner. Five huge buffet stations fill this restaurant full of Italian, Asian, BBQ, salads, desserts, and so much more. For $14 for lunch or $20 for dinner, you can’t beat it! If you’re a seafood lover but can’t afford Andrew’s Steak  Seafood, then just head to The Grand View Buffet instead on Friday Seafood Nights. For $27 it is all you can eat seafood. Sounds a lot better than $55 if you ask me.

All and all, Pittsburgh, PA’s River’s Casino is a great place for fun, food, and definitely excitement for those living and visiting the city.