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The Ultimate Poker Bankroll Building Strategy

This guide is going to show you exactly how to start with nothing and end up with a $5000 online poker bankroll. You will learn more than just simple bankroll management , you will learn where to get your hands on genuinely free poker money , I’ll be talking you through a strategy of which poker games to play, I’ll be giving you my complete small balling heads up poker course , all you need to do is be old enough to play and not tilt off all of your money when you’re steaming.

This is going to be a no nonsense guide to building a solid poker bankroll, this is NOT some kind of get rich quick scheme. This will take hard work on your part, time studying, concentration and thought when you play.

If however you are ready to do what it takes, then I promise you that this guide will get you to where you want to go.

The building of the strategy should be great with proper studying of the terms and conditions at Judi Online site. The management of the bank account should be done with the excellence and intelligence. The concentration of the players should be on the implementation of the right strategy. 

Building a $5000 poker bankroll out of nothing

Bellow you’ll see a graph to some results of mine turning $50 into $5000 playing only heads up SNG’s. Granted I made a $50 deposit, but as I have already said, I will show you exactly how to get a poker room to give you a free poker bankroll, no deposit needed , although you must be legally old enough to play in order to get the money.

I have tested several free poker money offers online and found one that I really like. The main reason for this is the simplicity of getting your hands on the cash so that you can get started.

This is. Some of the poker rooms that give you free poker bankrolls, will give you up to $150 (which is awesome) but initially will only give you say $25 to get started. Now if you play above your roll and spew the money in a couple of games, then you will NOT be given the rest of the bankroll.

This is why you need to start off grinding at the micro stakes, the lowest stakes you can find for heads up sit n go games. Most sites will have $1.15 games and this is where you’ll start but we will be looking to move up as soon as is reasonably possible. I won’t go into the full details of bankroll management here, as I’ve already covered in my bankroll management strategy page

What I will give you though is a visual diagram on the move up and move down strategy that we’re going to be employing, in order to keep the risks of going broke to a minimum as well as give us the best shot of having our entire free bankroll released.

Step Three – My small balling course (FREE)

For years now I’ve been selling my heads up SNG small balling course for $95, but now I’m going to be giving it away to those of you that are actually serious about following in my footsteps and turning a tiny amount of money into a healthy

This course is completely packed with information that will show you exactly how I beat these games, and for such a high win rate. I’m not going to get into some kind of sales pitch here, I’m giving away what took me moths to create, for free!

How do you get it for free?

If you want to find out more about what my small balling course contains, then read about it on my poker coaching products page Quite simply, anyone who’s going to undertake the challenge of ‘the ultimate poker bankroll strategy’ and gets their free starting bankroll through Your Poker Cash will be eligible.

Just send me an e-mail to when you receive your starting bankroll and I’ll send you the download links for the entire course.

This does NOT include the 1-1 free coaching session but you will get all of the strategy videos and that alone has been enough to get many players to become solid winners.

When to Bet in Poker Correctly : Raise Classification

Raising in poker is an increase of the preceding bet. Why is this bet in poker used and what raise kinds exist? There are many types of raises depending on their type and purpose.

Usually, the term “raise” means the first raise, or the 2-bet. The logic here is easily understandable – the first bet on preflop is made by the big blind. Then, if one of the players increases its size, then it makes a second bet or 2-bet. Respectively, an increase of the 2-bet or a third bet is a 3-bet. The following raises are called 4-betting, 5-betting, 6-betting and so on.

The same thing is on postflop. When the second bet in poker is called raise, it is followed by reraise, 3-bet and so forth. When to place the bet at Judi Bola site table, the information is provided through the professionals to meet with the requirements. Always use the strong hands to increase the bank account with real cash and rewards. The following of the guidelines should be there to meet with the requirements. 

Do not Confuse the Terms

Some novice players mix terms, thinking that a 3-bet means triple raise amount and that the 4-bet goes for four-time sizing. Another common misconception is to call raise the continuation bet of the preflop aggressor in raised banks. In addition, many players misinterpret the adjective “light”, used in the description of raises. For example, the expression “light 3-bet” is not a flat 3-bet of a two-fold size, it is a bluff reraise, performed on a wide spectrum.

Why are Bets in Poker Divided into Types? Raise Types

  • Open raise is an increase by which a player opens trade. Raise is the first action on preflop, when none of the players other than blinds has entered the game.
  • Isolating raise means raising the bet after one or more limps (calls of the big blind). The purpose of this action, as can be seen from the term’s name, is the isolation of a weak opponent and the desire to play heads-up with him.
  • Steal raise opens trade in order to implement fold equity and steal the pot on pre-flop. It traditionally implies opening raises from late positions or the small blind. Why is this bet in poker called steal? In a broader sense, steal raise is an attempt to steal a bank from any position, which in modern poker is quite natural.
  • 3-bet reraise means raising the previous bet of the raiser.
  • Resteal – a kind of 3-bet made in response to the steal raise from the late positions or in the confrontation between BB and SB.
  • Squeeze is another special case of 3-bet. This situation occurs when a reraise is made after raising and calling (one or several). The purpose of this advanced poker action, as well as in the case of steal, is a bank theft.
  • None 4-bet, 5-bet, etc. – further raise after 3-bet.

Now you understand why bets in poker are so diverse. Each of them has its own purpose which differs depending on the situation. One and the same bet can be rather useful in one instance and completely deadly in the other.

In conclusion, it is worth noting, as well as all other bets, raises can be divided into two big categories: value raise and bluff raise. It is obvious why bets in poker are tricky sometimes. The goal of the value raise is to take advantage of the equity and get profit from the weaker hands of the opponent, while the goal of a bluff raise is to realize fold equity and to get the opponent’s stronger hands out of the draw.

Prominent Tips for Gambling That Certainly Works!!

Not everyone is pro in any gameplay, but practicing it more often can surely add to the experience and better fun. It is really helpful for people to focus on prominent tips for gambling tips that can certainly work for beginners and pro players in both traditional and online casinos. 

If you are a beginner in the gameplay, consider practicing these below-mentioned tips to have an enthralling experience for everyone. For a better understanding of the game, you can surely consider reading the details until the end. 

Prominent tips for gambling that certainly work!!!


  • Check before you play: gambling is a wide concept and includes a wide variety of games, and each one of them has a different set of rules that are different from one another. Before starting any gameplay, make sure you check all the basic rules and regulations regarding the gameplay practices. There would be times where knowing a better about the game can be turned out to be a helpful and winning stroke for your game.
  • Don’t overlook rules and regulations: each game offers ample fun and different setbacks as well. It is better not to overlooks rules and regulations of the game as you might miss out on some essential information about your use. Gambling forums must be read carefully for not regretting impulsive decisions in the future. 
  • Don’t be overconfident: you might have won bigger bets and games in the gambling practices, but there are still players who even better. Ensure you are not being overconfident in the gameplay or thinking someone else is not good enough with gambling as pro players always play lowkey. 

Thus, these are prominent tips to follow up that would surely work in various games of gambling from poker online to slot and others.

How uncertainty psychology and game of poker is related?

Uncertainties’ psychology is deeply related with poker play. Random gambling is not going to help you to win poker games rather you have to be highly professional in your approach. Luck can save you once but not all the time. 

Relation in between uncertainties and poker

Tremendous anxieties can cause due to uncertainties and this anxiety might make your game worse at any point of time. In short, uncertainties are quite dangerous for poker. Poker uncertainties need to be understood first and for that you have to be a pro player. Every player should aim in minimizing the game uncertainties as much as possible. Uncertainties can be easily tamed only if the probable gaming conditions can be anticipated. 

If the uncertainties are controlled perfectly then decisions can also be easily taken without having any confusion in mind. Key poker guidelines need to be followed for avoiding the risk of uncertainties to some extent. You can survive in the game for long only if you have estimated the associated uncertainties properly. Basic homework should be done over the poker game you are going to play otherwise you will fall into the trap of uncertainties and will lose the game at the end of the day. 

Uncertainties can be reduced only with a controlled mind where there is no chance of getting overwhelmed by emotions. Healthy play will take place only when the game is going on in between experienced players who have been playing the game since a long time and have acquired a lot of specialised skill. Odds of any poker game can be won if you can deal with uncertainties well. 

You can now consider Mega888 download as one of the popular poker options where you can win a lot if you apply proper strategies after understanding the psychology of your opponents.

The Harmful Effects of Horse and Dog Gambing in Arizona

Gambling is a continually debated subject throughout society because of the moral standards it holds its participants to. The sport in general provides a person with the opportunity to enhance monetary or other stakes, while wagering the same. Four different categories of gambling make this game of chance a complicated subject to determining whether these ethics should be continued in the popular sport. Vague categories include conventional gambling, social gambling, professional gambling, and animal competitions. Conventional gambling, the most popular form, involves casinos, lotteries, and online gambling. Many people argue that this is the most destructive form of gambling because of its tendency to become addictive. In contrast, social gambling is associated with Bingo, a friendly poker night, or a sports pool, and is perhaps the least controversial form of gambling because it is typically played in good humor and without high wagers. Professional gambling regards all forms of publicized casino games, poker, etc. as sport, but is comprised of a small percentage of gamblers who sometimes may even gain enough media hype to replace their losses. This may also include participation in the stock market, only at a more anonymous level. Lastly, animal competitions classify horse and Greyhound dog racing as increasingly divisive sports among spectators because of recently-exposed impropriety in the effects that result from these animals mistreatment. At a closer look, animal racing exemplifies the horrors of gambling and the immoral deviances it implies to overshadow what this type of gambling really encompasses: animal cruelty.

  • Horse and dog gambling in Arizona

Arizona provides a home to many popular gambling features, including casinos (many located on Indian reservations), a state lottery, and Off Track Betting options. More prominently, Arizona has come to have three horse and three Greyhound racing sites, the second largest animal gambling state in the United States. In addition, more and more casinos have been created on Indian reservations, feeding into the need for more animal competitions to continue the profitable proportion between slot machines and animal tracks so the money to support each will circulate between politicians, the government, and the track owners effectively (money to the politicians from track owners to keep vote for publicity and donations; money to the government from casinos; money to track owners from racing profits). Collectively, the state of Arizona remains very much opposed to abolishing animal racing altogether, much less putting an end to the abuses of the animals that have so successfully in the past brought paying spectators to the industry of gambling.

  • Ethical abuse of horses and dogs within gambling

A money-oriented view of this conflict shows seemingly-endless profit on the behalf of the track proprietors and lucky animal owners; however, without money, perhaps these profiteers would better understand the torture their horses and dogs suffer. Horse racing, for example, permits so that race stewards have the option to hardly examine “whip violence” caused by overanxious jockeys-restless to cross the finish line solely for money. Over 2,000 horses yearly are injured while racing and must be put to sleep, unnoticed and having wasted their lives on a sport which did them more harm than good. Similarly, thousands of Greyhounds per year are hurt on the racetracks, but most of these injuries are never even reported. It is also unfortunate how animals of both species that are determined as too weak or wounded to run are frequently medicated prior to races in an attempt to enhance their performance and relieve pain, despite the long-term damage this does to their bodies. In fact, 60 to 90 percent of race horses have been diagnosed by the Veterinarians American Association of Equine Practitioners as “significantly lame,” yet are continued to be driven past their physical limits, even to the point where death is too common to worry about-owners simply purchase a younger, healthier horse and repeat this cycle instead. Even more extreme is the noticeably unnoticed thinking behind killing Greyhounds once they are deemed “no longer profitable.” The practice of provoking unnecessary harm to horses and dogs for sport is seen from the perspective of money-blinded humans as a short-term investment to get-rich-quick; while, in reality, it serves only to endanger the lives of thousands of tortured horses and dogs.

  •  Gambling concerning horse and dog racing in Arizona’s future

There is no denying the fact that money drives the gambling industry. It is fortunate that, within the last twenty years, research has been publicized summarizing the shocking profanities of animal racing. Because of this information, commercial horse and dog racing nationwide have experienced economic declines; unfortunately, this may be short-lives, as the opposite is predicted for southern states in the future, including Arizona. Southern states provide more gambling opportunities (partly because of the abundance in Indian reservations), and as a result contain a higher percentage of addicted gamblers. Most of these statistics are seen among casinos, and if horse and dog racing industries succeed in combining the casinos and animal tracks, the results may be catastrophic for the victimized animals. The reason for the current prevalence of casinos on Indian reservations is that the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1980 was passed to regulate between Indian and state profits concerning gambling-thus, any money made within casinos on these reservations benefits both the state and Indians. Furthermore, by phasing casinos into horse and dog gambling locations, the government has the opportunity to earn money from not only these Indian reservations, but its own gambling funds as well. Major steps have been planned by the state of Arizona, as well as many others, to begin merging the two giant industries into one. Such an entity would create a massive gambling attraction, encouraging the government to introduce more racing locations around the country. The world must either be prepared to fight against the merging of casinos with horse and dog racing locations, or face a giant industry of evil that serves to suck people and their money in while throwing animals’ lives out.

While gambling in general may hold a distinctive place in society, the moral components of conventional, social, professional, and animal gambling must stay within reason. Horse and dog racing in particular have been very popular for decades-especially due to the successes drawn in states such as Arizona, where the public remains largely ignorant toward much of the horses’ and dogs’ hidden abuse. Arizona’s future in relation to gambling may include the combination of casinos and animal racing at the same location, which would not only double the state revenue, but double the animal abuse as well. The cruelty and mistreatment by animal owners’ in the industry must be exposed and battled to keep this from happening. Horse and Greyhound dog racing should not be one of the aspects of gambling we consider “acceptable” in society-its prominence throughout Arizona, abuse towards animals, and key role in encouraging further corruption within the gambling world go far beyond people just losing their money-thousands of animals’ lives are threatened for the greedy sakes of governmental profit and mere human entertainment. This is why some experts only recommend traditional casino games like poker instead of using animals for gambling activities. With the aid of technology, poker games are now also available online like This is to promote poker and other casino games that do not involve animals.

MLB World Series Early Betting Lines & Early Season Preview

Lines on as of 11/5/2010 4:00 EST

Arizona Diamondbacks 100/1: Third worst record in the majors in 2010, no real reasons for hope in ’11. Even at 100/1 I wouldn’t waste your money on this one.

Atlanta Braves 15/1: No Cox in the dugout will hurt this team more than most could imagine. The Braves will be competitive, but 15/1 seems way too generous at this point unless they make some significant offseason moves.

Baltimore Orioles 60/1: Why not 100/1? Don’t even think about it! The O’s are several years away even with some solid young talent. Unless they switch divisions, they won’t have a shot at even making the playoffs.

Boston Red Sox 7/1: At this point this is a terrible bet. Beltre opted out and no decision has yet to be made on Ortiz. Even if they keep both I don’t like them at 7/1. If the Red Sox slip to 15/1 I would throw a few dollars on them, but even die hard Sox fans shouldn’t take this at 7/1.

Chicago Cubs 40/1: When the Cubs are 40/1, that usually means they are more like 60/1 since the Cubbies are usually bet down more than most teams. I actually like the Cubs at 40/1 since Ramirez will be back and the NL Central is weaker than most divisions. They are still a long shot, but at 40/1, this is not a terrible bet.

Chicago White Sox 30/1: I know about the question marks this offseason with several of the players and Ozzie Guillen during the offseason, but this is a very solid bet considering their history and a decent percentage of the roster that will remain intact. White Sox fans should throw down a few bucks on this one and hope for the best during the rest of the offseason.

Cincinnati Reds 15/1: The Reds could be the 2011 Giants, but I think next season will mark the return of the Cardinals and the Reds will return to the middle of the NL Central.

Cleveland Indians 100/1: Unless the Tribe can get C.C. and Lee back in their rotation, stay away from the Indians.

Colorado Rockies 25/1: Rockies are a solid bet although they will be competing against the Giants and Padres in the NL West. Rockies had one of the best pitchers (Ubaldo Jimenez) and the NL “Outstanding Player” in Carlos Gonzalez.

Detroit Tigers 25/1: Starting rotation and bullpen still needs some stability. The Tigers will be in the hunt for the AL Central division crown, but the World Series is out of reach for the Tigers in 2011.

Florida Marlins 30/1: Marlins don’t stand a chance to win it all. 50 or 60/1 is more like it.

Houston Astros 100/1: Give the Astros a couple years to rebuild after trading their entire team away.

Kansas City Royals 100/1: The best value by far of all of the 100/1 teams, but the World Series is a long shot. Royals could be the 2006 Tigers. Put a few bucks on the Royals to win the AL Pennant, and even the World Series just because of the strength of their pitching.

LA Angels 20/1: I really don’t like this, the Angels will not get past the Rangers next season even if Texas can’t bring back Cliff Lee. I don’t see the Angels back in the playoffs for several years.

LA Dodgers 25/1: I slightly like this just because of their division and the shifting that occurs each year allowing teams a chance to get in the playoffs with a weak record. Still, the Dodgers aren’t winning the World Series in 2011.

Milwaukee Brewers 80/1: They are better than 80/1, but can you really see the Brewers even making the playoffs?

Minnesota Twins 20/1: Not too shabby of a bet if the Twins can stay healthy. I still don’t think they can get past the Yankees, but at 20/1 it’s worth a shot.

New York Mets 40/1: It doesn’t matter how much talent the Mets recruit, they just can’t pull it together. I actually like this bet a lot at 40/1, but I don’t expect them to cash it in. If you are taking a couple teams as long shots, I would throw $10 on this. The Mets have a decent mix of pitching and hitting.

New York Yankees 7/2: Still a solid bet, but….and it’s a big but…Jeter and Rivera need to sign first.

Oakland A’s 50/1: Still a lot of work before the A’s are once again competitive. I like their young pitching staff but overall I still wouldn’t take them at 50/1.

Philadelphia Phillies 5/1: I like the value bet on the Cardinals at 15/1 much more than the Phillies at 5/1. The Phillies are very strong, but I still don’t like the odds seeing how they got tripped up by a team with minimal offense in the Giants this past season.

Pittsburgh Pirates 100/1: The Pirates aren’t anywhere near a 100/1 shot, more like 500/1.

San Diego Padres 30/1: They need more offense. Gonzalez can’t do it by himself.

San Francisco Giants 12/1: I like it, but lets see what happens to their roster in the offseason first. This is a ‘hold’ if we are playing the stock rating game.

Seattle Mariners 100/1: Don’t bet on it

St. Louis Cardinals 15/1: Fantastic bet even for a Cardinal hater like myself. The Cardinals have a star studded lineup and are strong in most areas. Pujols may be unhappy if he doesn’t get an extension in the offseason but I still really like this team to bounce back in ’11.

Tampa Bay Rays 10/1: Maybe the worst spread on this entire board. I don’t care if you are an owner of the Rays this is a sucker bet. Do not take the Rays at 10/1 or even 20/1 for the upcoming season. The Rays have 10 free agents from their current roster including their closer Soriano, first baseman Pena, and star outfielder Carl Crawford. If you could bet against a team a 1/10 odds I would take it hands down. The Rays may be competitive but won’t be around come the playoffs next season, and certainly will not be in the picture for a Championship.

Texas Rangers 15/1: At this point this is a solid bet. If Cliff Lee somehow returns, this spread quickly turns closer to 12/1 or even 10/1. Letting go of Guerrero may hurt the offense but he added too many strikeouts so the loss may be less than one might think.

Toronto Blue Jays 60/1: The AL East could be down slightly due to the Rays losing a lot of free agent talent, but I still wouldn’t take that as a large opportunity for the Blue Jays without any true stars on the roster. Even at 60/1 I don’t like this.

Washington Nationals 100/1: Not enough of anything to give them a chance. The National might be a dark horse team in 2012, but 2011 is out of the question with a recovering pitching staff due to the injury of Strasburg.As a rule of thumb, just like when playing poker, betting requires you to become strategic so you could easily win on this game. You have to take advantage of your opponents and you have to carefully consider all the factors to ensure that you have high chances of winning.

How Do Casinos Make Money Off of Poker?

After telling people that I have played a lot of poker at casinos over the years, I am sometimes asked, “How do casinos make money off of poker?” These people figure that since poker is played against other players that the casino does not make any, or much money off of poker. This could not be further from the truth.

There is nothing wrong with making money and the casino is one place that has come into being for the sole purpose of not only making but losing it as well so to say that casino makes money is a theory that might not be as simple as a bandarq online.

Cover Charges

Some casinos have instated a cover charge for playing in, or even for entering, a poker room. While this is becoming less and less the norm, the casinos that do still hold on to this practice usually make enough to pay most of the poker room payroll.

Tournament Entry Fees

When paying an entry fee for a poker tournament, a percentage of the fee goes directly to a casino. In most cases, casinos will be happy to tell you what percentage goes to them, and what percentage goes towards the overall winnings.


The way that most casinos will make money in their poker rooms is through what is called, “the rake.” This is a small percentage of each pot that goes to the casino. Some casinos will have a flat rate for their rake, while most will have a set percentage that will be taken. The larger the pot, the more the casino will make on the rake.

Major Professional Poker Tournaments

The casinos that hold major professional poker tournaments find that they have unlimited potential for making money. Some will charge rental fees to companies that are there to promote products, while others will require these vendors to pay a percentage of their take during the tournament. Some will charge fees to the companies that are showing the tournament on TV. Others will have memorabilia printed and marked for the tournament and sell it. Of course, there is also the entry fee.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time that you step into a casino’s poker room. Remember, even though you are playing against other players, and not the casino, the casino is still making money off of your play. Sometimes, in more ways than one.

Online Poker Tools – Boost Up Your Winning Chances!

If you are serious about online poker, then it is important to own online poker tools. Statistic tracker and odds calculator are the two internet poker tools that can help you out to be a pro player. Having these two tools can improve your game and help you to be a winner. When you search on the internet, many poker tools can be found with ease. All these tools are not created equal, and that’s why you should pick the one wisely.  

You can get recommendations from experts to narrow down the search options. Make sure you are choosing the best poker tools in order to improve your winning chances. You should never make the mistakes of getting the wrong poker tools. 

Tools recommended by experts 

When you play poker games, you should make use of the best poker tools. In order to know all about these tools, you should read the points which have been mentioned below. 

  • Poker office 

Instead of using a poker tracker, you can make use of the poker office to improve your game. With the help of this tool, you can view betting patterns as well as their statistics of other players. This tool also allows gamblers to find the weakness in their game. 

  • Poker edge 

Well, it is a reliable tool as well as easy to set up. This tool tracks the play of many players, which means you can check the statistics of all players. With the help of this, you can choose the players to play against. 

In addition to this, you can also find many other tools that can help to enhance your winning chances. You can visit website to know all about the other poker tools that beginners should use to improve the game.